Posted on March 18, 2017 by Margaret Hanna

So many people go all their lives without truly knowing who they are, what they really love or what makes them unique. As a result of our conformity to technological influencers, there has been a decrease to our individuality. Social media as a whole has alienated the vital self reflective moments that we should be having with ourselves on a daily basis. Knowing what your style is really all about and how is makes you as unique as you.  

Social media is rapidly growing as one of the largest marketing platforms. Why? because all those famous bloggers or celebrities are being paid a ridiculous amount of money to share a post of a certain skin product, dress, bag etc. Why must you as an individual only want the bag because a person who spends their entire life on their social media is wearing it? Your outfit should purely reflect you as a character and not as the person on Instagram that you are trying to be. The ridiculous trends that derive from these social media platforms deepens the pockets of those who probably don't even like the item themselves. 

If you're after a pair of shoes, go to the shops and find a pair that has you written all over it. Stop being indirectly pressured to look a certain way. Live and breathe your uniqueness. Spend some time off social media and find yourself before you look like everyone else.  

Much love ladies!!

xoxox- SE Team


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