Posted on January 05, 2017 by Margaret Hanna

More often than not, you might find yourself caught up between a few outfits...Knowing us girls, mentally preparing an outfit, according to the occasion could be a tedious process. You may think that this is because of the "limited" clothes your almost-full closet has. But here's where you go wrong and this is why...

An outfit, for an event should a) always have your signature touch, be it your favourite pair of shoes or a certain bracelet/ring and b) make you feel awesome! Sometimes going to your local supermarket could make you feel just as wonderful as going to an event by the water. The answer is simple and sweet- JEWELLERY! You don't realise how much people pay attention to the jewellery you're wearing until you receive numerous compliments on it. 

I once got back from a meeting and forgot that my Denaris necklace and earrings were still on. As I quickly changed into my denim skirt and put on a white tee, forgetting that I still had my jewellery on, I made my way to the supermarket. The lovely check-out lady asked where I was off to simply based on the jewellery that complimented my outfit. Had I not been wearing the necklace and earrings, my outfit would have just been a plain denim skirt and a white top. But the accidental layered jewellery ensured that even though there was no preparation involved in putting my outfit together, all I needed was a pair of heels and I was ready to go out...

Lets put this to practice and see how much more money and time we save ladies. Start off by simplifying an outfit then layering it with jewellery and you will see a dramatic difference in both confidence and your bank account.

xoxo -SE Team 


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